MOSS 2007 Requirements Gathering: Fast and Focused

Since Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a mature platform for collaboration, content management and portals, companies can implement the package without much planning or even requirements gathering. Too often, the IT department is assigned the task of technically implementing SharePoint, with little context for its use or its potential value to the organization. The individuals in Business Units or Departments, who will use the system, are kept in the dark about the plans and the functionality of SharePoint. Once IT is satisfied that MOSS is technically stable, it rolls the package out to users with little training or follow-up. This approach rarely succeeds.

In this post, I want to examine how to set the foundation for a successful SharePoint implementation by starting with a clear understanding of user requirements and the business results stakeholders want to achieve. Governance, Site construction, etc. can wait until there is a base level of understanding of the business objectives and user requirements. Continue reading