Design for social tagging

A few comments in the feedback surveys from last week’s Taxonomy Community of Practice call on social tagging demonstrated a growing interest in design for social media. Part of Rashmi Sinha‘s presentation during this call covered some key elements of design for social tagging, leaving our attendees wanting more!

We are hoping to have another call on social tagging in the near future, given this interest, but in the mean time, visit Rashmi’s blog to get her views on findability in tagging applications. She talks about faceted browsing interfaces, clustering, and pivot browsing.

There is also an interesting presentation on social information architeture by Gene Smith from nform (a Canadian user experience firm), originally given at a Webvisions 2006. Gene covers three main ingredients for social IA: capturing user actions, aggregation and display, and feedback. On page 24, he shows an interesting diagram which illustrates user actions on an axis of social intent and engagement.

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