Search Solutions Jumpstart Series

From time to time we organize a free educational conference call series on search, taxonomy or content managment. Next month, we’ll be running our Search Series.

Register at

Search is complex:
There are lots of tools and techniques that can be applied to solving the challenges surrounding the “findability” of information. Some people think you just put up a search box and that’s it, but in reality effective search is much a more complex issue. Effective search strategies leverage metadata and taxonomies and include a variety of tools integrated as search applications and search systems.

Learn about:

  • The value of effective search – making the business case
  • Issues and challenges in deploying enterprise search solutions
  • The nuts & bolts – understanding and evaluating search tools
  • Issues in implementing search and building search applications
  • Tuning for improved precision and recall of search results
  • Evaluating search infrastructure
  • Integrating with taxonomies, tagging systems, etc.
  • Faceted search and guided navigation
  • Complex federated search
  • Natural language queries and semantic search
  • Future developments in search

Vendor Sponsorship:
Each session is sponsored by a vendor who will present a 5 minute ‘commercial’ about their offering. In this way we separate educational content from commercial content.

Presenters include:

Lou Rosenfeld, Rosenfeld Media
Rennie Walker, Wells Fargo
Chris Modzelewski, ChartSearch
Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies
Ted Sullivan, Raritan Technologies
Theresa Regli, CMS Watch

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