Two new free conference call series – Search and Content Management

I wanted to post a preliminary note about our new Jump Start calls planned for September and October.

Each series will consist of 4 – 90 minute calls each with 2 – 3 presenters who are experts and practitioners in their fields.

Here is the tentative schedule:

Content Management Jumpstart:

Each Monday 1:30 – 3:00 EST September 25th through October 16th – Topics will include:

  • The basics of content management
  • Building a content management business case
  • Content management frameworks & governance
  • Integrating content management with business processes
  • Tagging, metadata and taxonomies
  • Content publishing models & reuse
  • Personalization & targeted content
  • CMS selection & deployment
  • Web content management & syndicating content
  • Global content management

Search Solutions Jumpstart

Each Friday 1:30 – 3:00 EST, October 13th through November 3rd – Topics will include:

  • Business trends and search – the value of effective search and making the business case
  • Issues and challenges in deploying enterprise search solutions
  • The nuts & bolts – understanding and evaluating search tools
  • Issues in implementing search and building search applications
  • Tuning search systems
  • Evaluating search infrastructure
  • Integrating with taxonomies, tagging systems, etc
  • Complex federated search
  • Natural language queries and semantic search
  • Future developments in search

Register for any or all of the free sessions

Past attendees have considered our calls to be some of the best they have attended.

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