This month’s Taxonomy Community of Practice call: Social Tagging

Note (added August 2nd, 2006): you can purchase an archived recording of this call, visit our website.

We have an interesting topic and great speakers for this month’s Taxonomy Community of Practice conference call… Social Tagging & Folksonomies – July 26, 2:00PM EST. Format: Teleconference
Cost: $50 per attendee.
Register for the session

You will receive dial-in instructions and slides the day before the call.
Please register by July 25th to ensure that you receive the instructions in time.

Does “social tagging” and “folksonomy” obviate the need for a formal taxonomy?
We don’t think so, but they do have value in allowing emerging trends to be recognized, as a source of candidate terms, and as a way to have specific communities self aggregate.

We’ll hear from several practitioners and case studies on social tagging and show you what is possible and what is practical.

This session will present:

*    Issues in social tagging and folksonomies
*    The benefits of social tagging in an enterprise setting
*    Advanced uses of social tagging
*    The Onomi social bookmarking project at Mitre

Presenters will include:

Seth Earley
is the founder of Earley & Associates Inc., a consulting firm specializing in knowledge, content and document management systems with a focus on taxonomy development and workflow design.

Dr. Bill Ives is an independent consultant and writer who has worked with Fortune 100 companies in knowledge management, portals, and learning for over 20 years.

Rashmi Sinha is the founding principal of Uzanto ( At Uzanto, Rashmi focuses on Customer Research and Social Technologies such as Recommender Systems & Tagging.

Jim Smallwood is Lead Information Systems Engineer at MITRE Corp (  in Bedford, MA. where he’s responsible for managing corporate intranet content.

For more on the presenters, visit


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