Knowledge management – is the hype over?

There’s been some talk about knowledge management becoming a thing of the past…

KM is not passé, but has been through the hype cycle. To quote Gartner Group, I would say we are on the “plateau of productivity” meaning organizations are more realistic about what they can achieve with KM and the vendors have for the most part abandoned the term for more fertile buzzword territory.

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Encouraging participation in communities or repositories

Someone on the Taxonomy Community of Practice (TaxoCoP) recently wrote about methods to improve usage of knowledge management repositories. The challenge of encouraging and measuring participation is a tough one. You might build a terrific application with a great taxonomy and people may not use it.

A repository is only as good as the content it contains – in order for it to contain valuable information, people need to contribute. People will not contribute unless they see the value. Think of the creation side of the equation – forums like the TaxoCoP are places where people collaborate and share knowledge. We have great contribution because we have… great contribution… Continue reading

A very bad index…

Indexing and Taxonomy creation are closely related processes. In the first case we start with a body of content and then pull from it the key ideas, concepts, pieces of knowledge that we think users would like to access and then create pointers to the content. In the second, we look at a body of information and determine the categories that can be used to describe the content. (Usually without regard to the pointers to instances of terms).

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