Bizzare (effective? ) interfaces

Dan Linski of ad agency Slingshot ( posted some interesting and unusual user interfaces.

Though the first one had technical problems, the others are interesting and compelling (at least from a curiosity perspective). Perhaps what a consumer products company needs for audiences used to lots of graphics and stimulation. Or the type of thing that appeals to companies who think this is what they need to stand out.

At pixel gasoline, there is an “example” 3d image that “you can add to your website now”. It’s a cross spinning at an angle. Reminds me of the spinning gears and flames that we saw on web sites in the early to mid nineties.

Criticism and cynicism aside, these are very creative and at first glance interesting. has actual content management applications behind the scenes driving what they are doing. Clearly these bring a new level of artistry to UI design, but is there more than initial entertainment value?

Not sure.

If we start seeing more of these kinds of UI designs in the future, how will categorization and metadata be used to guide navigation or help users find what they need? Are these unique nterfaces created just to stand out from the competition? Or purely for entertainment value? Is there some other value in presenting information as they do?

Information is getting so complex that in the next several years conceptual models and avigation metaphors may evolve into things that are not very recognizable by today’s standards.

The film “Minority Report” showed Tom Cruise manipulating holographic representations of data in three dimensions. Perhaps we’ll be traveling through our information models rather than searching and navigating in two dimensions.

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